Sound of Music for elders

I enjoying playing violin and have been playing with HP Orchestra for years, the rehearsal is once a week. Earlier this year, a neighbor comes to me that she organized a small music group in the church. The group will visit nursing homes and play music for elders. We’ll play some hymn, and some other folk or easy music. The rehearsal will be in the church once a week. I had a rule trying not to be away from my family for more then one night a week. I need to decide which music group to participate between HP Orchestra and this church group. Partly because I like the small group, but largely because I think it’s a much better cause to play music for elders who can’t get to concerts easily then just to entertain general public, I decide to play with the church music cell.The experience of playing for elders have been very rewarding. Seeing them sing and clap hands when we play the music brings us more joy then what we bring to them I think.As a Buddhist, does it bother me to play hymn, rehearsal in the church and join the prayer before the performance ? Not at all. It’s a great feeling that people with different belief work together to do good deed.

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