A Snowy Night With Warmth/溫暖的雪夜

Recently, there was a big snow storm sweeping by the East and North East of the States. And in one night, we got enough snowfall that people would have difficulty driving their cars especially when going up the slope. I decided to do some groceries that night (just couldn’t pick a better time I guess). And on my way back, I saw a car having trouble moving forward. I started chanting Namo Guan Shi Yin Bodhisattva (Pu Sa), and at the same time trying to figure out ways to help with the driver. Suddenly, a man walking by went around to the back of the car and started pushing. Seeing this, I went ahead and tried to push the car with him. And it worked. It only took us about 30 seconds or so and we smiled and wished each other to have a good night. Interestingly, not long after getting back to my apartment, I heard some nervous sounds coming from people and cars outside of my window and I guess someone may having problem going up the hill at that moment. After checking the street for a brief moment, I went outside and asked the driver if he/she needs help. The first driver I talked to was happy to see me, but she immediately pointed at the car in front of her and said that car might need help first. I walked over to that car and offered help, the driver happily agreed and I started pushing the car from behind. At the same time, there were bunch of people walking by and seeing me trying to do this. I tried to push the car, but it did not move a lot. I kept reciting Guan Yin Bodhisattva’s name at the same time. And one of the guys said “Is this gonna work?” But in just a few seconds, I had people joining in from my right and left side including the guy that had the question initially. There were at least 4 or 5 of us. We were pushing and laughing together. Then, the car moved way more faster and get to the part of the road that does not need to be pushed anymore. Seeing this, everybody was cheering, and the following cars actually do not need much help but people were there just to make sure that they were all good. And again, we greeted each other to have a good night and went our own way. What a happy turnout. I still remember the warmth and liveness when joined together. Though I do wish we can probably be more precausious about traveling especially when encountering extreme weathers, or maybe stay inside if necessary.

Namo Guan Shi Yin Pu Sa (Bodhisattva)

前段時間, 美國東部和東北部有暴風雪掃過。一天夜裡,下了大雪。路上的車子在上坡時明顯比較吃力。我也是興之所致的在那天晚上決定步行去買菜。回程時,發現前方上坡路段有一輛車子原地打滑。我開始念南無觀世音菩薩,希望可以幫到車主,也同時在想辦法。就在這時,一位路人繞道這輛車的後面開始往前推。我也上前去跟他一起推。兩個人推的效果很明顯,我們也很開心,之後我們互相問候對方晚安就繼續趕路了。故事還沒有結束,回到住處不久就聽到窗外有車子的鳴笛聲和人們躁動的聲音,我猜想可能是有車子上坡遇到困難了。透過窗向外看看街道上的狀況,當下決定出門。第一個打招呼的車主很開心,但是他們跟我說前面的車主此刻可能更加需要幫忙。我去跟他們前面的車主打招呼,車主開心的答應了我從後面推他車子的請求。這時旁邊有路人經過。我默念觀世音菩薩的聖號,用力去推,可是車子移動的不太明顯。其中一個路人發出了疑問 ”這樣真的可以嗎?” 我繼續一邊念南無觀世音菩薩一邊推,頃刻間有幾個路人開始加入我一起來推車,包括之前有疑問的那個路人。這時,車子移動的速度越來越快,大家吶喊著,笑著,不久那輛車子就不需要再被推了。我們往回走,發現其他的車子還好,不需要幫忙的樣子。但是也在一旁確保他們真的是可以才離開。大家開心的互相問候對方晚安,然後各自散去了。一個溫暖的雪夜,現在彷彿還能感受到大家一起推車子時的熱情與活力。雖然我也希望大家在遇到極端天氣的時候出行更加謹慎,或待在家裡喔。


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