Act of Kindness Stories

  • Healing (8/27/2019) by DRAGO from Gold Coast, Australia

    Gave free healing to sick people

  • Great Compassion Mantra (7/14/2019) by Bart Bakelaar from Niagara Falls, Canada

    My Shih Fu taught me the Great Compassion Mantra. We began reciting it 108x every morning. We did it for years. I came and went. I felt a little ashamed that I couldn’t be there everyday and dropped the practice, or atleast it was sporadic. But I also was in awe of my Shih Fu for continuing to keep it going, not missing a day, for all these years, all those early mornings, all those winters! Well, Shih Fu is 83 years old now and told me he’s getting a little tired. He continues to recite the Shurangama Sutra atleast 7x every morning but upon my return, I discovered he was no longer reciting the Great Compassion Mantra 108x. So without a second thought I vowed to keep it going. After all, its the greatest feeling in the world to recite it and share the blessings with the entire Dharma Realm. Shih Fu told me that it even makes the flowers happy! I taught my wife how to chant it, and she learned it much quicker than I did. And now, together, we chant the Da Bei Jou every morning 108x and its a joy that keeps on giving. We put our palms together and dedicate this merit to “all living beings, drowning and adrift” may they all be reborn in the Land of Bliss! Namo Da Bei Guan Shih Yin P’u Sa! (Oh, also, anyone else considering this wonderful Dharma door, check out the Great Compassion Dharani Sutra for some extra help from Sun & Moonlight Bodhisattva). Also, hold and purify the precepts! Its impossible to recite mantras effectively without them!

  • Sharing Snacks with Soccer Camp Staff and Coaches (6/28/2019) by Liqun Huang from San Jose, US

    Today is the last day of my younger son’s 3-week soccer camp. We brought six bags of snacks to share with the staff at the camp. We were delighted to see the smiles on their faces. Initially they were surprised but they responded with smiles and acceptance. We felt thankful for their hard work and wished them a good weekend.

  • Let me help you (6/5/2019) by Devyani from Atlanta, United States

    Sometimes on my way home from work, I would see a woman walking with her 7-8 year old son, carrying a lot of stuff and taking her son to the karate class. I figured the latter as he was always dressed in his karate outfit. I had often seen her and being a mother myself, felt that it was so courageous and sacrificial of her to walk in the hot Southern sun everyday, making sure his son’s needs were met. One day I stopped by the curb and asked them to hop in. I told her that I wouldn’t mind giving them a ride and that they don’t have to walk so far. Her eyes lit up and she quickly asked her son to jump in and threw the stuff in my car. She was extremely grateful. She told me that she didn’t have a car. When I dropped them off, I gave her my phone number and asked her to call me if she ever needed any help like this. She gave me a gracious smile and left. Driving away, I could remember her eyes lighting up and her relaxed smile. Though I never saw her again or heard back from her, I still felt that even though it wasn’t much, I still had made a little difference in someone’s life that day.

  • The Sutra of the Medicine Buddha (5/8/2019) by Anonymous from Los Angeles, USA

    I recited the Sutra of the Medicine Buddha for all sentient beings that are suffering, and for them to quickly leave suffering and attain happiness and peace. I was inspired to do this by following other people’s example. I hope others who are reading this will be motivated to do the same. Reciting the sutra made me feel somewhat productive, in that I was doing something good for 20 min instead of something bad (although I had wandering thoughts). Thank you Rev. Heng Sure and Friends!

  • Transferring merit to national leader (9/17/2018) by Jin Rou from UKIAH, United States

    After reciting the Earth Store Sutra, I transferred the merit to the elected leader of our country, President Trump, that he might have the wisdom and compassion to lead our nation well.Although, a tiny drop in the water, I felt moistness in the air on that hot, dry mid-summer day.

  • 心存善念及感恩心 (9/7/2018) by cmh from 新竹, 台灣