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VegSource Mantra (I Have Enough) (1:45)

I have enough,
I am grateful,
Share the blessings,

May all be fed,
May all things flourish,
May all awaken!
Bodhi Svaha!

© Rev. Heng Sure 2006 All Rights Reserved
Lyrics and music: Rev. Heng Sure



Written for the founders of, Jeff and Sabrina Nelson, and inspired by the author and visionary John Robbins, in his prayer: ¡§May all be fed, may all be healed, may all be loved.¡¨
Hallelujah means ¡§Praise!¡¨ in Hebrew; ¡§Bodhi Svaha!¡¨ means ¡§Awakened -- How Wonderful!¡¨ in Sanskrit. This mantra works to counteract thoughts of greed.


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© copyright Rev. Heng Sure. All rights reserved.