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Death Parade (1:34)

Had a dream the other night, Namo Amitabha,
What I saw gave me a fright, take me to the Pure Land.

The kings of death were on parade, Namo Amitabha,
Followed by the ghosts they made,
Take me to the Pure Land.

Their bones were white as ocean gulls, Namo Amitabha,
Their crowns were set on eyeless skulls,
Take me to the Pure Land.

The king said fight for God and land, Namo Amitabha,
Put a weapon in my hand, take me to the Pure Land.

We fought for God, as we were told, Namo Amitabha,
Useless now my bones are cold, take me to the Pure Land.

Mass destruction, be afraid, Namo Amitabha,
Follow in the death parade, take me to the Pure Land.

God said killing is a sin, Namo Amitabha,
Men go wrong with religion, take me to the Pure Land.

© Rev. Heng Sure 2006 All Rights Reserved
Music: Traditional, arr. Rev. Heng Sure
Lyrics: Rev. Heng Sure



My version owes a debt to Ian and Sylvia's interpretation of the traditional British ballad "The Cruel Mother," also known as the "Greenwood Sidie."
Death Parade points to humanityˇ¦s bizarre habit of valuing religious doctrine and national identity over human life. ˇ§God said killing is a sin; men go wrong with religion.ˇ¨


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© copyright Rev. Heng Sure. All rights reserved.