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Cause & Effect, or Here Comes Karma Now (4:11)

Wise ones know we plant a seed,
With every word and deed;
Once we plant it, here comes karma now.

Sometimes good, sometimes bad,
Makes us happy, makes us sad;
Choose it wisely, here comes karma now.

Karma is not heaven-sent,
Karma is not punishment;
Sweep the garden, here comes karma now.

There's no lawyer you can call;
The judge and jury left the hall.
Learn the rules, use good sense;
This is cause and consequence.

Like the seed, is the fruit;
Know the leaf, you know the root.
Can't argue, here comes karma now.

Conscience is a quiet voice,
Pay your money, take your choice.
It's your harvest, here comes karma now.

It's not luck, it's not fate,
No room to negotiate,
No foolin', here comes karma now.

It plays no favorites, hears no lies,
Doesn't truck with alibis.
You can threaten, you can curse,
You can't rewire the universe.

Some are careful, with the roots;
They're contented with the fruits.
Plant and harvest, here comes karma now.

Some are careless, at the start;
At the end, a broken heart.
No excuses, here comes karma now.

You can smile till it hurts,
Help yourself to just deserts.
Pay the piper, here comes karma now.

Blame the scapegoat, cry and wail,
Ask the woman with the scales,
Blind justice tells no tales:
Who goes home, who goes to jail.

Ain't no lawyer gets away,
Ain't no judge you can pay.
Just like magic, here comes karma now.
Just like magic, here comes karma now.
Just like magic, here comes karma now.

© Rev. Heng Sure 2005 All Rights Reserved
Lyrics and music: Rev. Heng Sure



Cause and effect is the basis of the Buddha¡¦s description of the workings of reality. Seeds bear fruit, so a wise person plants carefully. The ancients said that ordinary people are careless when they plant seeds, but frightened when the seeds come ripe. Awakened Beings are very careful when they create karma, but because they understand cause and effect, they are unafraid when the rewards come due.


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© copyright Rev. Heng Sure. All rights reserved.